Apply for vehicle leasing

  • Date of first registration of the vehicle for leasing – up to 7 years /at the end of the lease./
  • Vehicle value exceeds 8000 BGN.
  • Advance payment – 30%.
  • Number of monthly leasing installments – 6 to 24.
  • Annual interest – from 15% to 20% according to the year the vehiclewas produced.
  • Otherstart-up costs:

    - Cascoinsurance – first installment/the Casco insurance is divided in 4 equal installments every 3 months.//
    - Marking of the vehicle
    - Registration
    - Tax paperwork 2.5% -/single/
    - Motor vehicle tax
    - Liability /single/
    - Eco tax
    - Financial risk 2%
    - Notary fees
    - authorization driving
  • Confirmation for financing by three workdays.

Required documents for signing a lease:

ID/for business owners – current status of the company
Driving license
Standard Questionnaire
Employment contractandofficial document certifying the income
A guarantor of the contract /ID/
Application for leasing - download
Judicial decisionfor the registration of the company
ID of the company’s representative
Balance sheet andrevenues and expenditurefor the previous 2years + thecurrent one
Standard Questionnaire
A guarantor of the contract /ID/
Application for leasing - download

To apply for vehicle leasing, you will need to download the application form, depending on whether you are an individual or entity, fill it and send it to us at: or fax us: 02 9896656.