About Terra Credit LTD.

Terra credit” LTD. is a financial institution according toArticle 3 from the Law on Credit Institutions, registered with the Bulgarian National Bank and operating in granting consumer loans extending loans with funds other than accepted deposits or other repayable funds.

Business development

The main guideline in Terra Credit’s business development strategy is rapid and efficient growth of the commercial network throughout the country. In execution of this strategy, Terra Credit has 49 offices in 45 Bulgarian cities in the beginning of 2012. Presently with the intention of reducing the risk involved, the Company focuses on extending small scale loans with short term repayment and with increased risk control. The company’s social target groups are individuals within the middle and above middle economic status, which are in need of fast loans covering urgent needs. Company research shows that a large part of the Bulgarian population needs this type of financing and the ability of repayment if the repayment schedules are flexible enough. With reference to the above, the Company’s developed products ensure firstly -optimizing repayment schedules without burdening the customer and secondly - ensuring largely the Company’s interests and providing for the collection of receivables.


The company’s policy is to attract local specialists experienced in the financial sector and delegate to them the development of the local offices under the control of the Company’s management. Currently, Terra Credit has over 240 employees who are expected to exceed 400 with the opening of new offices by the end of 2012.

Regarding business control insurance, the Company has a specially developed software program which provides a fully automated document generation with reference to the processes of lending, monitoring document flow, accounting operations and updating the Company’s database.


Terra Credit’s goals for 2012 are focused on the development of the commercial structure and improvement of customer services. During the course of 2012-2013, the company plans to open 50 new offices and in this manner, to cover nearly all Bulgarian towns which are populated by more than 5000 people. Concerning the level of loans, the Company plans to optimize control mechanisms for loans and risk regulations.